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Sensei Leo van den Boogaard - Sandan

Sensei Leo began his study of martial arts in 1974 in Richmond, BC under the instruction of Sensei Tony Severs.

Sensei Leo obtained his Shodan in 1981, his Nidan in 1988 and his Sandan in 1997.

Sensei Leo first opened the Newton dojo with now Sensei Tom Gillam and later in 1993 he opened the Langley dojo with now Sensei Dean Bawtineimer of the Coquitlam dojo.


Sensei Leo van den Boogaard - Sandan

Tournament and training history:

1974 - Began training in Kyokushin karate in January of this year.
1978 - Trained in Europe with Shihan H. Couzijn
1981 - Obtained his Shohan
1985 - Trained in IKKO Honbu Tokyo, Japan
1985 - Competed at the All Canadian Championships - 1st Place
1985 - Canadian team member - 4th World Open Karate
           Championship, Tokyo, Japan
1986 - Opened the Newton Dojo in Surrey, BC.
1986 - Expo '86 demonstrations, Japan Pavilion
1987 - Competed at the All Canadian Championships - 1st Place
1987 - Competed at the Asia Pacific Championships - 1st Place
1987 - Canadian team member - 4th World Karate Championships,
           Tokyo, Japan
1988 - Obtained his Nidan
1988 - Canadian Team member - 1st Commonwealth Championship,
           Sidney Australia
1993 - Opened the Langley dojo in Langley, BC
1997 - Obtained his Sandan
Today - Sensei Leo is currently the head instructor at the 
             Langley dojo.



"Sensei" Ken Corrigal - Nidan

About Sensei Ken Corrigal coming soon "Sensei" Ken Corrigal - Nidan


Sempai Ryan Desrochers - Shodan

Ryan started training with the Langley Dojo in September 1994 at the age of 10 and obtained his shodan (first degree black belt) in August 2004 at Summer Camp in Enderby B.C. at the age of 20.

He has attended many of the local and international camps and seminars that Kyokushin has to offer. Including, Winter camp, Summer Camp, the 3rd & 4th North American Brown and Black Belt Conferences? held in Harrison Lake B.C. and Banff Alberta, the Calgary Seminar, and has also attended Shihan Bobby Lowe's Hawaii Seminar held in Honolulu Hawaii.

Ryan has also participated in many local and international tournaments that the Kyokushin Karate Organization offers including, The 2000 Vancouver Cup, the 2001 International Weight Category Tournament, and fought for Team Canada at the 8th World Open Karate Tournament in 2003 in Tokyo Japan.
Sempai Ryan Desrochers - Shodan

Other Achievements for Ryan Desrochers:

1995 - Langley Dojo Student of the Year
1998 - 1st Place 13/14 Boys Knockdown Division: Newton Tournament
1999 - 3rd Place 17+ Men's Lightweight Knockdown Division: Canadian Championship
           1st Place 17+ Men's Lightweight Division: Langley Goodwill Tournament
2000 - 2nd Place Men's Lightweight Division: Vancouver Cup: Age 16
2001 - 3rd Place Men's Lightweight Division: International Weight Category Tournament
2003 - 3rd Place Men's Open Division: Canadian Championship
            Represented Canada: 8th World Open Kyokushin Karate Tournament: Tokyo Japan
            1st Place Team Kata: Cranbrook Tournament
2004 - 3rd Place Men's Open Division: Canadian Championship
            Obtained Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt): Summer Camp




Sempai Kathy Desrochers - Shodan

Sempai Kathy Desrochers - Shodan

Sempai Kathy began training with the Langley dojo in 1996 and is currently Shodan

As well as training on a regular basis, Sempai Kathy also assists with teaching our students. She has attended camps and seminars throughout  BC and has also attended camps in Banff, Calgary, Hawaii and Japan. Sempai Kathy has had the privilege of training with some of Kyokushin's most highly qualified instructors. Sempai Kathy has participated in Kata and Kumite tournaments as both a participant and as a judge.

Sempai Kathy is also a member of the tournament committee and holds the office of Secretary in the International Karate Organization Kyokushinkaikan Canada.



Sempai Neil Rowley - Shodan

Sempai Neil began training in Kyokushin style Karate at Langley Kyokushin Dojo in 1997. Since then he has attended many seminars including both  Canadian Summer & Winter Camps as well as Hawaii seminars and the North American Black belt Camp 2004. 

Sempai Neil has traveled, visited and train at many other dojo's including Honbu Japan, Hawaii, Montreal, Toronto as well as many others in the lower mainland.


Sempai Neil Rowley - Shodan


Tournament History

1999          Langley Goodwill Tournament - CB Senior Knock Down  - 2nd

2000          Canadians                 CB Senior Knock Down   - 2nd

2001          Canadians                 Senior Open Knock Down   - 1st

2002          Canadians                 Senior men's Knock Down    - 1st

2003          ALL AMERICAN OPEN -  New York   - Canadian
Team member 

Sempai Neil has officiated, coached and announced at many
Kyokushin tournaments.