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Sempai Glenn Bouzek - 1st Kyu
Glenn has been training Kyokushin Karate since 1994. Over the years he feels has been very fortunate to have trained with some of the best Senseis and people one could hope to meet. Sempai Glenn's introduction into martial arts started when his son started and  needed to to be driven to class. It was Sensei Leo who suggested that Sempai Glenn join the dojo and focus on doing his best.
Sempai Glenn Bouzek - 1st Kyu


Shortly after beginning his training, Glenn, a 40 year old white belt, attended a class only to discover that he was the only student on that day. The instructor,  Sensei Dean  was a 20 years old and a very experienced Black Belt. Demonstrating his devotion to the art, Sensai Dean stayed and worked with Glenn. this experience taught Sempai Glenn the essence of the Kyokushin way.

Sempai Glenn has trained in Hawaii, at winter and summer camps with Shihans Lowe as well as Shihans Stuart and Don Corrigal to name only a few. Sempai Glenn has attended many seminars and special training sessions. He's had the privilege of being involved in many tournaments as both an organizer and a volunteer.

One of Sempai Glenn's great pleasures is in having the opportunity to train the young kids. He considers himself fortunate to  have been able to see many of them grow up to become successful individuals. 

Over the years Kyokushin Karate has helped Sempai Glenn's life in many ways. It has given him the opportunity to meet people who have truly inspired him. He has made some good friends both in and outside of the dojo. 

In Sempai Glenn's own words:

From the wide eyed enthusiasm of the kids, the wisdom of Sensei Ken Corrigal, the true spirit of Sempais Kathy and Steve, the heart and sweat of Sempais Ryan, Kyle and Neil, to the love and support of his family. Most of all the belief and friendship of Sensei Leo who is there with a joke and a kick in the butt when you need it. I say 



 Sempai Kyle Stevenson - 2nd Kyu

Sempai Kyle Stevenson - 2nd Kyu

About Sempai Kyle Stevenson
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Bob Maters - 2nd Kyu
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