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Langley Kyokushin Karate created several new graphics files while building this website. We are happy to share with the IKO community and we welcome you to download and use these files.

All the files are in zip format as some of them are quite large. keeping them this way will to allow people to adjust them as needed.

Canadian Kanku Canadian Kanku

click here

International Kanku International Kanku

click here

Canadian Maple Leaf Canadian Maple Leaf

click here

Golden Kanji Golden Kanji

click here

11 Mottos of Sosai Oyama 11 Mottos of
Sosai Mas Oyama
Printable Poster

click here

Kyokushin Dojo Kun - Printable Poster Kyokushin
Dojo Kun
Printable Poster

click here


File are in zip format.