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Upcoming events:

Tournament in the Park

June 17th, 2006 at Douglas Park, Langley, BC 
for a map show the location, click here

For more info contact the Langley Kyokushin Dojo. For contact info, click here

 Testing Dates

Juniors - June 20th - Langley
Seniors June 22nd - Richmond


23rd Canadian Kyokushin Karate Championships
April 29 ,2006
BCIT Burnaby, BCNewton Tournament
Well done to Langley Dojo members who competed so well. Winning placements at the tourament were Morgan Nixon - 2nd place in Coloured Belts 15 & 16 years (121 & over), Nicholas Miller - 3rd place in Coloured Belts13 & 14 years (120 & under), Shane Baldo - 3rd place Coloured Belts 15 & 16 years (141 & over) and Mitchell Bolen - 3rd place Children 12 & under ( 91 to100)

Special mention to the other dojo members who also competed well at the event.


The 2006 Newton Tournament

Congratulation to Morgan Nixon who won first place in Knockdown - Girls  - 15 to 16 years. Also to Christopher Dietlein placed 3rd in both Non Contact - 91 to 110 lbs - Blue and above and Knockdown  - 86 to 100 lbs - 12 and under. The Langley Dojo would also like to acknowledge the fine effort put forward by Andre and Nick who also competed at this event.


  Congratulations to Sempai Neil Roley on receiving his Black Belt...Well deserved Neil!! 

The Langley Dojo celebrated the event with a party that included cake and drinks.

For more pictures, visit the photo page or click here




 Testing Results


PART 1: Belt Testing (February 1st, 2003)
JR Kyu 10th Kyu 9th Kyu 8th Kyu 7th Kyu
Brianna Bolen
Mitchell Bolen
Claire Franklin
Ryan Williams
Spencer Werenka
Madison Tait

Tejan Brophy
Asia Sherart
Conner Franklin



Paris Sherart
Rebecca Williams
Michael Pamero
Chris Peterson
Valerie Brophy
Joedy Williams
Robin McLean
Desmond Smith
Conner McLean
Lila Brophy
Zach Niedjalski
Cory Niedjalski
Ryan Christianson

Paul Czerny
Roni Buchannen
Jared Busse

For pictures click here


PART 2: Belt Testing (February 22nd, 2004)
JR Kyu        
Malcolm Taylor
Josee Beaudry
Miranda McLean
Trysten James
Brianna Bolen
Mitchell Bolen
Spencer Werenka
David Dietlein


Chris Dietlein Mark Berg Conner McLean
Robin McLean

For pictures click here


PART 1: Belt Testing (2005) - coming soon
JR Kyu 10th Kyu 9th Kyu 8th Kyu 7th Kyu


PART 1: Belt Testing (2005)